Vegas In Spurs

It was the best of times.. it was the… wtf am I talking about? It’s December – and the only thing holding the tourism traffic up at a reasonable level is the National Finals Rodeo. Wheeee dawgay!

I grew up in Texas. Houston, Texas. In all my life I’ve never seen this many huge non-commercial-vehicle trucks in one place before, with the exception of Rodeo Houston. This town’s cowboy cuhraaaayzeeee!

Being a native Texan (as well as an adopted Nevadan) I couldn’t help but shrink in my seat in embarrassment when I was almost run over by a redneck with Texas plates on on a vehicle sporting every pro-Bush, pro-Limbaugh (one even said “Even On Drugs – Rush is Right”,) anti-“liberal,” and otherwise antianyone-but-a-Republican bumper stick I imagine has ever been made. You notice this right away, naturally, because he wants to get your attention and preach his little uninformed political agenda to you who are lucky enough to be behind him (due to the fact that he just nearly ran you over, mind you) and you are stuck behind this behemoth of a truck, embarrassed because you know that a lot of the world thinks this bastard is status quo of the fair citizens of Texas, via George W. Bush’s reign in the White House. I mean, I’m sure the guy has horses or cows and things of a large agricultural nature that he needs to haul… across the country? Well, the secondary, probably more important message he is preaching became clear to me: One Man, Against the Environment… And You. Put that on your bumper, jackass.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love good-hearted rancher/farmer/cowboy types. My family has cattle and they’re good people. I am just feel a bit culturally shocked, here in my own city.. the one that really never sleeps. Now where did I put them spurs, ya’ll? I need a drank.

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